Constant Vigilance!

Combo Photo


Confession time: I am not great at photo editing. As challenging as past sketches may have been, they were usually sketches, I got to actually use my hands and trace the shapes myself. Combining two pictures may have seemed easier at first glance, but I knew full well that it’d be no simple task for my particular set of skills.

Sure enough, not only did I have no idea what images to combine, I had no idea how I’d actually go about combining them. If there’s one thing I’m glad for, it was how this really made me be resourceful and solve what was, for me, a complicated puzzle.

As I explored the wonders of Flickr,

AKA Disaster

all I really wanted to use was photos of newborn babies or sunsets, but I couldn’t figure out how to merge these concepts. I thought it’d be a funny idea to replace a shot of John Cena for my five year old cousin, but you can see how far that disaster went before I realized it might be best to stick to basic shapes.

With that in mind, when I spotted a camera, I thought it might be creepy to make the lens  look like an eye. Again, I had to try four different eyes before I finally found one that fit the picture of the camera.

While it was a long and arduous journey, I am pleased with the end result and the fact that I was able to figure out how to put my admittedly sad photo editing skills up to a task they could complete.


Image Credit

Constant Vigilance: Eye and Camera

AKA Disaster: John Cena and my cousin (my own photo)

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