Literacy Narrative Part 3 Reflection

Writing can be a lot of fun sometimes. There are no rules as to what you can put down on a page, literally anything can happen. It’s just you, the laptop, the blank screen, and twenty six letters, prepared to test the limits of your imagination. 

…then comes revision.

Revision is that little responsible corner in the back of your mind that’s shaking its head as you create nonsense and have a blast… and then forces you to look back and consider how much of this exciting journey is actually going to be exciting to read instead of write. … More Literacy Narrative Part 3 Reflection

Writing Drawings and Drawing Writings

Let me ask you to do something: imagine your room from when you were ten years old. What color were your sheets? The walls? Were you allowed to eat in your room? What sort of toys were on the ground (or neatly stored in their place you were a more organized kid than I was)? With a little thought, you could probably write a pretty accurate description.  Here’s a fun twist: try drawing it. No matter how good an artist you are, working off a distant memory will never produce exactly what you remember. Moreover, people might not understand what they’re supposed to focus on if you provide too much information. … More Writing Drawings and Drawing Writings

Down the MAUS Hole…

It has rapidly become clear to me that reading comics was vastly different than other kinds of reading I usually dealt with. Not only must you observe the images and read the words, but figure out the relation of the two, then see the page as a whole. It’s a much longer process than simply registering words into your brain in a systematic order; comics may surprise you at any moment, they are constantly shifting any sort of pattern you think to be consistent. … More Down the MAUS Hole…

“Yours in Sisterhood”, Ours in Life

“Walking back in case I die”

When you watch things on a screen, they seem distant, almost fiction. It’s not that I don’t believe that the women that were shown, one after another, did not experience the discrimination and frustration that they claimed, I simply felt that it existed in their universe and not my own. Irene Lusztig goes to great lengths to bridge that gap between women, most notably between those of the past (1970s) and of the present. … More “Yours in Sisterhood”, Ours in Life

Writing About Writing…

I have just finished writing my Literacy Narrative. At last, all the words are grouped together, the paragraphs are in the right order, my ideas are expressed and the emotions I wished to convey are sitting in wait for a reader. Like a proud and weary mother, the first thing I’ll do is share the link:

Please, feel free to go to that directly, seeing as I can vouch for its content, while I still have no idea what I’ll say in this reflection post, which I find fitting considering I had no idea that my Literacy Narrative would come to life in the way it did until we did a free writing exercise in class. … More Writing About Writing…