It only felt fitting to map Climate Changed with a couple of movie references, considering the author, Philippe Squarzoni, seems so fond of them in his book.

The pattern that stood out to me when going over the book was that of the falling cameraman, who had forgotten his parachute and then had time to think as he fell to his death. There are a couple of instances where the image repeats, as well as the phrase (in different variations) “How long was he falling?”





The whole thing immediately stood out to me as a metaphor for the current mindset around climate change. It’s like we’re falling to our deaths, like the cameraman, but we started so high up that the fall is taking quite some time, and we’re forgetting the stakes. In the drawing I made, I replicated a scene for Spy Kids 2: The Island of Lost Dreams, where the kids fall into a volcano. They’re falling for a very long time (due to some contraption), and eventually get bored. They wonder, “How long have we been falling?” Obviously, it’s ridiculous, but it’s the perfect metaphor. They were terrified as they began to fall to their deaths, but as the fall grows longer and longer, and they don’t hit the ground, their fear fades and becomes boredom. They seem to forget that was awaits them at the end of the fall is a fiery death inside a volcano. Even the title of this page, We’re Still Falling!, is a reference to the old movie, Journey to the Center of the Earth, where the characters also experience a long fall, where they scream, pause, and then realize they’re still falling and scream again.

Squarzoni is clearly inviting us to fight back and land on our feet, as he shows in the comic, instead of growing bored or distracted with our impending doom and cease efforts to prevent it or lessen the blow.