Literacy Narrative Part 3 Reflection

Writing can be a lot of fun sometimes. There are no rules as to what you can put down on a page, literally anything can happen. It’s just you, the laptop, the blank screen, and twenty six letters, prepared to test the limits of your imagination. 

…then comes revision.

Revision is that little responsible corner in the back of your mind that’s shaking its head as you create nonsense and have a blast… and then forces you to look back and consider how much of this exciting journey is actually going to be exciting to read instead of write. … More Literacy Narrative Part 3 Reflection

Piecing it Together

The best possible representation of my process as a writer could be nothing short of a small mess. It starts with every intention of making sense, as you can see with the center image, the first sketch I made for this class, and seems to progress with some sort of order, but quickly becomes tangled. I’m not ashamed of having an irregular process, … More Piecing it Together

Laundry Day

One of my favorite shows ever made is Gilmore Girls. It needs no big conflict, no loud sound effects or never-before-seen quirks. It instead tells of the quaint life of a mother and her daughter in the little town of Stars Hollow. It just made me so happy that a show was doing what no shows … More Laundry Day

Writing Drawings and Drawing Writings

Let me ask you to do something: imagine your room from when you were ten years old. What color were your sheets? The walls? Were you allowed to eat in your room? What sort of toys were on the ground (or neatly stored in their place you were a more organized kid than I was)? With a little thought, you could probably write a pretty accurate description.  Here’s a fun twist: try drawing it. No matter how good an artist you are, working off a distant memory will never produce exactly what you remember. Moreover, people might not understand what they’re supposed to focus on if you provide too much information. … More Writing Drawings and Drawing Writings

Constant Vigilance!

  Confession time: I am not great at photo editing. As challenging as past sketches may have been, they were usually sketches, I got to actually use my hands and trace the shapes myself. Combining two pictures may have seemed easier at first glance, but I knew full well that it’d be no simple task for my … More Constant Vigilance!

What Are You Doing?

Telling a true story didn’t seem like a very difficult thing to do, I have over eighteen years of experiences to draw from. 

…which I instantly forgot the moment I sat down to draw.

Seeing as my entire life was useless in terms of material for this assignment, I did the only logical thing: I put it off.

Instead, I helped my roommate (who plans on majoring in Playwriting) with her homework, memorizing a scene. As you’ll see in the comic below, I wasn’t as helpful as I thought I’d be.  I figured a moment that made me laugh so entirely at my own carelessness would be a good place to draw on. It reminded me a lot of the example we were given, I’m An Idiot at xkcd. Sure enough, the inspiration followed. … More What Are You Doing?

Back Pains

I’ve always wondered my my shoulders are so tense.

When piecing together the image above, I observed each and every object that I pulled out of my backpack, and sure enough, I found each one to be essential to my every day. Here goes the list:

-The backpack itself (got it from Mexico a year and a half ago, last one left, friends were jealous)

-Umbrella, which shoots open with the press of a button, not unlike a light-saber (works like a charm, whenever I carry it, no rain. If I happen to forget it, expect downpour) … More Back Pains