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Have any of you been in a spotlight before?

Seeing as I’ve dabbled in theater, I’m all too familiar with the sensation; the glare beats down on you with such intensity that you’re sweating the moment it hits you, whiSabrinaAvatarComicsch is quite an accomplishment considering you’ve probably been shaking at the prospect of coming on stage. The wave of heat seems incomprehensible at the time, as if you were standing in a field at noon on a hot Atlanta day, except it hits you with a sharper precision than the sun might. Worst of all is the fact that it completely blinds you; you might as well be working with your eyes closed. Now that doesn’t sound too bad when you’re feeling nervous, but the knowledge that hundreds of people can see you while you cannot see them trickles down your spine and has you shivering despite the sweat.

I kind of feel like I’m in the spotlight now.

Seeing as I’ve received a couple emails myself, I know well that as soon as I hit Publish, an email will be sent out to my professor and peers, as well as anyone else following the site. Then their eyes will follow the words I’m writing now, the words I’ve yet to write.

Working under that kind of pressure isn’t easy. A lot of you know that, there are roughly 20 spotlights on this particular stage.

I felt like I had to come up with there greatest, most ground-breaking, mind-blowing image and text, just so I’d be level, so I’d be okay.

Inspiration evaded me. It only seems to come when I least have time for it.

So the point of my avatar is basically, that sometimes you have to work without inspiration, that even when you have no idea what’s to come, what work will come of the following semester, something great can still come of it.

I used an app I’m comfortable with, Adobe Sketch, and drew the above image to show that sometimes when you color outside the lines, you can discover things you may have never encountered before. In the future, I hope to use mediums and styles I’m less comfortable with, because I have one more reader of this post: Me. I’ll look back on it and see how I’ve grown, how I’ve changed.

Some posts will have inspiration. Others, hard work. I look forwards to those that have both.



Click here for Bonus Animation!

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  1. I really appreciate the wit of your avatar, and it stands out on the student sites page. I hope that your nerves as you compose in the posting screen subsides over the course of the semester.

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