Heart of Gold

I’ll be honest, the assignment to create an actual little comic for this class was undeniably intimidating. Usually on Sundays we’ll have sketches, which I think you agree is a word that carries a lot less pressure. On a sketch, you can make mistakes; it’s a creative process  that can go in just about any direction. For this week’s Triptych, we had frames and words, and it looked a lot more like a finished product.  … More Heart of Gold

Down the MAUS Hole…

It has rapidly become clear to me that reading comics was vastly different than other kinds of reading I usually dealt with. Not only must you observe the images and read the words, but figure out the relation of the two, then see the page as a whole. It’s a much longer process than simply registering words into your brain in a systematic order; comics may surprise you at any moment, they are constantly shifting any sort of pattern you think to be consistent. … More Down the MAUS Hole…

The All-Consuming Monster We Struggle to Slay

Title is a mouthful, huh?
In fact, you’d expect my Human Document to have a drawing of an actual monster (that might have been clever!), but instead there’s just a messy disarray. In my eyes, that’s stress, and I thought it would be appropriate to make this sketch about it, seeing as we’re at that point of the semester where it feels like we have responsibilities and problems and work coming at us from every direction. Here’s the poem:

about stress

i have found

The moment of departure itself

without frequency

causes mere charge

not relief … More The All-Consuming Monster We Struggle to Slay

“Yours in Sisterhood”, Ours in Life

“Walking back in case I die”

When you watch things on a screen, they seem distant, almost fiction. It’s not that I don’t believe that the women that were shown, one after another, did not experience the discrimination and frustration that they claimed, I simply felt that it existed in their universe and not my own. Irene Lusztig goes to great lengths to bridge that gap between women, most notably between those of the past (1970s) and of the present. … More “Yours in Sisterhood”, Ours in Life

This Just In! I Kind of Broke the Rules.

Learning to look at the world, and everything in it, in a different way is a large part of what I believe this class is about. It’s about challenging ourselves to try something new, and basically, seeing what happens.

I realize that we were told to avoid using notes of this class to complete our assignment, if at all possible, which is something I understand. If I take notes of a comic explaining theory, visualizing it is much less of a challenge.

However, when going over all my notebooks, the idea I could most get passionate about was the notes we took just last class about Maus and the discussion of its genre. I figured all my notes on this discussion were merely words, and that transforming them into something visual would be equally challenging. … More This Just In! I Kind of Broke the Rules.

Writing About Writing…

I have just finished writing my Literacy Narrative. At last, all the words are grouped together, the paragraphs are in the right order, my ideas are expressed and the emotions I wished to convey are sitting in wait for a reader. Like a proud and weary mother, the first thing I’ll do is share the link:


Please, feel free to go to that directly, seeing as I can vouch for its content, while I still have no idea what I’ll say in this reflection post, which I find fitting considering I had no idea that my Literacy Narrative would come to life in the way it did until we did a free writing exercise in class. … More Writing About Writing…

Insert Title Here

Seeing as I’ve received a couple emails myself, I know well that as soon as I hit Publish, an email will be sent out to my professor and peers, as well as anyone else following the site. Then their eyes will follow the words I’m writing now, the words I’ve yet to write.

Working under that kind of pressure isn’t easy. A lot of you know that, there are roughly 20 spotlights on this particular stage. … More Insert Title Here